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        Artifacts from a Civil War Classroom | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW

        Learn about a teacher who traveled from Iowa to Louisiana in 1864 to teach at a school for young black children during the Civil War in this excerpt from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. After the Union took over the plantations in Louisiana, Susan Carhart Tallman, the wife of a Union officer, came to Baton Rouge to serve as a teacher to 48 pupils at one of the schools that was created under the protection of the Board of Education for Freedmen—a division of the U.S. Army. Mrs. Tallman documented the conditions at the school, created annotated sketches of students, and kept a record of the subjects taught and a log of student attendance. This documentation reflects a rare first-person account of the Freedmen schools that played a crucial role in America’s journey from slavery to freedom. This resource is part of the Antiques Roadshow Collection

        To search the full appraisal video archive, visit ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.


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