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        WGBH Education

        Rachel Connolly, Project Principal Investigator

        Pegeen Wright, Project Co-Investigator

        Curriculum and Instructional Design

        Dr. Jake Foster

        Laura Johnson

        Media Production

        Anna Brooks

        Christine Dietlin

        Anna Fort

        Elizabeth Gardner

        Glenn Johnson

        Diahanne Lucas

        Toby McElheny

        Marisa Nopakun

        Clover Paradiso

        Alexander Potter

        Ted Sicker

        Caitlin Stier

        Amy Tonkonogy


        Anne Beatty

        Sarah Goodman

        Cyrisse Jaffee

        Sonja Latimore

        Emily Lu

        Ranida McKneally

        Paula Menta Rodriguez

        Christopher Riegle


        Bill Shribman, Senior Executive Producer

        Rob Archer

        Jeff Bartell

        Sophie Calhoun

        Hilary Emmons

        Jon Goldberg

        Dan Hart

        Paul Kinchla

        Amelia Leason

        Catherine Maldonado

        Gentry Menzel

        Lauren O’Brien

        Dan Paquin

        Elizabeth Walbridge

        Marketing and Engagement

        Carolyn Jacobs

        Brooke Kinney

        Denise Olson


        Maria Constantinides

        Heidi Hamparian

        Jon Rubin

        Children’s Media

        Marisa Wolsky, Executive Producer

        Glen Berger

        Deborah Frank

        Nicole Velez

        Kathy Waugh

        Global Mechanic Media Inc. - Animation Studio (PLUM LANDING)

        Hero4Hire Creative, LLC - Animation Studio (PEEP and the Big Wide World)


        Ralph Bouquet

        Daryl Choa

        Lauren Miller

        Pamela Rosenstein

        Copy Editor

        Cynthia Bond

        Accessibility - National Center for Accessible Media 

        Geoff Freed

        Bryan Gould

        Madeleine Rothberg

        Closed Captioning - Media Access Group 

        Special thanks to AFTRA and AFofM for granting permission to use segments produced with participation of their members.

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