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Hillary Clinton has spent roughly half of her life in politics and is now set to receive her party’s nomination this week in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.

Boys of '36

Discover the journey of nine men from Washington as they traveled to the 1936 games in Berlin. 

The Fight to Vote

Discover the obstacles that were put in place for African Americans to vote in the South.

Read the Stars

Explore and learn about different constellations from this activity.

This Day in History

President Richard Nixon was impeached in 1974. Discover the history behind President Nixon. 

PBS LearningMedia: Massachusetts PBS Edition

  • Mass STEM Summit 2016 Media Partner

    Proud to announce that we are the media partner for the 2016 Mass STEM Summit! Watch for our presentation sessions, as well as our exhibit, where we’ll be showcasing resources both PBS LearningMedia and other WGBH initiatives. WGBH has taken the lead in creating PBS LearningMedia’s timely and expanding STEM content. Resources are drawn from WGBH-produced programs such as NOVA, Plum Landing, Design Squad and Peep and the Big Wide World as well as educational content we produce in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the National Science Foundation.  Consistently, WGBH-produced STEM resources are among the top favorites of educators who visit the site.



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    Banner image far left, Seranak, The Berkshires photo by David Winn. Center banner image, Elm Park Bridge, courtesy Worcester Chamber of Commerce.  

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